Product News: Hamilton Robotics Launch New Automated Liquid Handling Syctem, PCR Setup STARlet

30 May 2013

Hamilton Robotics introduces the PCR setup STARlet, the first automated liquid handling system flexible enough to accommodate almost any DNA amplification reagent kit, from simple setups and small budgets to highly demanding workflows.

The PCR setup STARlet is suitable for a wide range of applications such as gene expression analysis, genotyping, sequencing, mutagenesis or mutations screening. It has been developed for different PCR types such as endpoint-, q-, multiplex PCR or linear amplification. It is the first workstation to offer an increased deck capacity of 25 plates and a smaller footprint than other systems in its class. Although developed for 96/384 PCR plates the PCR setup STARlet can also be used with different labware types, such as strips or even Rotor-Gene discs.

“Customers asked for a system that was within their budget and was flexible so it could be used to process samples for a variety of PCR types and protocols”, said Mario Arangio, Standard Solutions Director at Hamilton Robotics. “This workstation makes it really easy for the user to configure different PCR assays quickly. It can also be used for basic master mix preparation and even restriction and ligation reaction setup is possible. Furthermore, an extra feature allows sample normalization either upstream to PCR setup or as standalone function, for example for sample dilution.” added Christian Arzt, Product Manager at Hamilton Robotics.

The system’s software traces all input components and complete setup information throughout the process and stores all data for future use: protocols can be reused easily and all process information is tracked consistently.

Finally the software has an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI, see picture) with included validation steps for more process safety and a flexible PCR plate designing tool for maximum user convenience.

The PCR setup STARlet is for research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedure.