Product News: Hamilton Launches VANTAGE Automated Pipetting Platform

11 Oct 2013

Hamilton Robotics has launched a next-generation, liquid handling platform that offers contact free pipetting over a wide volume range of 100 nL to 1 mL. The Hamilton VANTAGETM is space-efficient, affordable and can be remotely monitored by mobile devices. Its expandable design makes it a powerful instrument for labs with simple or complex application needs.

The VANTAGE system features Hamilton’s new NanoPulse™ technology, which provides wide volume ranges from a single channel, and a new linear motor that increases pipetting speed while decreasing noise, heat and vibration. New camera technology enhances traceability by verifying all labware on the system and detecting non-barcoded labware.

Labs can upgrade their Hamilton VANTAGE system at any time with a Logistics Cabinet. The upgrade kit offers an innovative tip and plate shuttling mechanism from below the pipetting deck and customizable smart waste containers. A telescopic vertical track gripper is available to transport samples from below- or off-deck third-party devices.

This flexible, vertically integrated system enables the longest walkaway times for the smallest footprint possible. Its graphical software provides a simple interface to program assays without programming experience, and built-in intelligence to optimize workflow and resources.