Product News: GXPi Acquires Life Sciences IT Hosting Specialist netexperts

28 Oct 2013

Nottingham based compliance expert GXPi has revealed that it has completed its acquisition of information technology for life sciences specialist netexperts. The deal was completed in September, and will now see netexperts staff, hosting facility, and client base completely incorporated into GXPi. The merger is a key move to enable the expansion plans of GXPi, as founder Keith Williams confirms:

netexperts is focused on delivering cost effective, compliant hosted and cloud environments, especially for the life science sector. It achieves this by using a combination of automated installation tools, and procedures that have been tested over many years. GXPi works with some of the largest and smallest Life Sciences companies in the world, and they have to ensure they stay compliant with the complex web of local and international regulations that govern that industry. Bringing the two companies together will mean that GXPi now has total control of its own validated infrastructure, completing the holy trinity of expert consulting advice, effective software and stable and secure hosted and multi-tenant cloud environments.

“This deal will benefit GXPi customers around the world who don’t want to set up and maintain their own qualified IT infrastructure, and allow us to offer a much more controlled and secure offering to the netexperts’ client base. No jobs will be lost as a result of this acquisition, and moving forward we expect to be expanding our infrastructure team in the UK, US and in Germany. It’s great news for everyone concerned, and I’m personally very satisfied that we’ve been able to complete the transaction without any issues or disruption to either Companies customers.”

GXPi provides expert consultancy to the global life sciences sector, delivering products and services designed specifically to meet increasing compliance requirements. We simplify complex processes and technology environments to deliver compliance, ensuring that its customers can benefit from long-term solutions that evolve with their needs.