Product News: Boost Clinical Lab Efficiency with the ThunderBolt EIA+CLIA Automation Platform

16 Aug 2012

Gold Standard Diagnostics (GSD) have announced the addition of fully-automated Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) processing capability to the powerful ThunderBolt® Automation Platform. With the ability to simultaneously automate CLIA alongside EIA, laboratories of any size can now achieve even more dramatic increases in throughput, flexibility and cost savings.

Through a host of patent-pending features, the ThunderBolt® delivers exceptional power and flexibility in a small size. The dual function analyzer provides complete, walk-away automation of 192 patient samples in only a 2’ by 2’ space. Completely open architecture allows any EIA or CLIA protocol to be programmed, and up to eight different protocols to run in a single batch. Intuitive and robust software further enriches the ThunderBolt®, making it the total laboratory automation solution.

Gold Standard Diagnostics also boasts a suite of over 200 “ThunderBolt-Ready” assays from more than 20 different manufacturers. Each validated protocol in the large library deploys seamlessly on the ThunderBolt® to realize maximum laboratory benefit as quickly as possible. GSD also supports the entire solution of reagents and instrumentation to guarantee smooth operation and maximum uptime.