Product News: GelMax Imager for Precast and Mini Gel Imaging

24 Jul 2012

UVP's GelMax™ Imager is designed for fast, easy imaging of precast and mini gels. The imager accommodates a wide range of precast and mini gels up to 11.5 x 16cm in size. Illuminate, capture and analyze gels with this easy to use system. The GelMax precast and mini gel imager allows researchers to quickly capture brilliant color, picture perfect and publication quality images in a small, simple package.

Easily illuminate the gels with multiple transillumination light sources for maximizing fluorophore stain excitation. Midrange 302nm UV is conveniently built into the unit to view ethidium bromide and other stains. The modular design enables placement of interchangeable Samples Plates onto the UV. The Plates convert midrange UV to specific wavelengths. The Visi-Blue™ Sample Plate converts the UV to 460-470nm blue light for viewing stains such as SYBR Green, SYBR Safe and GelGreen. When white light transillumination is required for viewing gels such as Coomassie Blue and Silver stain, the White Light Sample Plate can be used. Longwave 365nm UV Sample Plate (optional) reduces photonicking of gels. A Black Sample Plate allows for placement of samples not requiring transillumination. Store the plates in the convenient plate holder (optional).

The control panel enables easy selection of emission filters and lighting. The filter selector controls the five-position filter tray, which includes an ethidium bromide filter. Add additional filters (ordered separately) as required for viewing different types of stains. The lighting selector controls choice of epi white light or transillumination lighting. A safety switch automatically shuts the transillumination lighting off after ten minutes or when the tray is opened.

The GelMax simplifies image capture with intuitive workflow-based software. Easy to use one-touch buttons enable fast capture. The intuitive software effortlessly controls the high resolution color camera which captures publication-quality images. Researchers can generate image enhancements such as annotation and extensive quantitative analysis results using molecular weight, histograms, lane profile graphs and other tools. Export data to Excel and other programs for documentation and publication.

With its compact size, the Imager reduces lab bench space requirements. The GelMax is plug-and-play gel imager, requiring no user training. Its efficient design enables researchers to easily view gels using multiple light sources, quickly capture and save publication-quality images and analyze lanes and bands. It is the only gel imager researchers need for fluorescent, colorimetric and blue light imaging of precast and mini gels.