Product News: GENEWIZ, Inc. Launches OncoGxOne™ Discovery Cancer Panels

18 Apr 2013

GENEWIZ, Inc., leading global genomics service provider, announced the launch of OncoGxOne™ Discovery cancer panels, proprietary gene panels designed specifically to assay genomic aberrations for all major cancer types.

Designed and developed by experts with the most recent research data available, GENEWIZ OncoGxOne™ Discovery cancer panels are the most comprehensive cancer-specific gene panels on the market, and have the ability to detect all types of genomic aberrations, including point mutations, Indels, gene fusions, and copy number variance (CNV).

"With the launch of OncoGxOne™ Discovery cancer panels, GENEWIZ has the opportunity to drive advancements in cancer research, offering solutions for biomarker discovery, therapeutic target discovery, and novel mutation identification," stated Dr. Guanghui Hu, Vice President of Translational Genomics.

"Using the latest next generation sequencing and bioinformatics technologies, OncoGxOne™ Discovery cancer panels can detect not only low-frequency variations and gene fusions in both exon and intron regions, but also CNV with great accuracy," Hu asserted. "The resulting data has the ability to stratify patients in clinical trials, as well as make a significant impact on personalized cancer treatment."