Product News: GE Healthcare Announces the Amersham™ Hyperfilm™ Blue for Autoradiography Screening Applications

14 Sep 2011

GE Healthcare Life Sciences has extended its leading range of Amersham™ Hyperfilm™ products with Amersham Hyperfilm Blue, a blue sensitive film which enables rapid, qualitative results for the detection of chemiluminescent signals in different blotting assays. The film requires minimal exposure time, often only one minute, to produce sharp and high contrast radiographs, making it ideal for use when there are experimental times restrictions.

Amersham Hyperfilm Blue, which provides a lower sensitivity than Amersham Hyperfilm, enables researchers to produce fast results in qualitative chemiluminescent detection in Western, Southern and Northern blots whilst reducing costs. The film is compatible with a range of other GE Healthcare Life Sciences products including Amersham ECL™, Amersham ECL Prime, Amersham ECL Plus, Amersham ECL Advance™, CDP-Star™ and all blue and green chemiluminescence systems, and it can be processed in automatic processors or manually by using most common X-ray film developers and fixers.