Product News: Convenient Pre-packed Formats for High Purity Separation of Histidine-tagged Proteins

28 Feb 2012

GE Healthcare has launched a range of chromatography media for the high purity separation of histidine-tagged proteins. This new range includes: HiTrap™ TALON crude, His SpinTrap™ TALON microspin, His MultiTrap™ TALON and His GraviTrap™ TALON pre-packed with TALON Superflow™ media for rapid screening, preparative purification and easy scale-up of histidine-tagged proteins. Samples derived from a variety of expression systems can be readily purified with minimal sample preparation time and no additional equipment costs.

TALON Superflow is a cobalt-based medium designed for the purification of histidine-tagged recombinant proteins by immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC). Compared to nickel-charged media, cobalt-based media offers enhanced selectivity and yield purity for histidine-tagged proteins. Additionally, lower concentrations of imidazole are required during purification which better preserves the structure and function of sensitive histidine-tagged proteins.

Key features of the TALON Superflow medium and pre-packed formats:

• Suitable for IMAC purification of histidine-tagged proteins when Ni2+ is not the optimal choice of metal ion

• High yield purity in a single step using a mild purification process which preserves structure and function of sensitive histidine-tagged proteins

• Pre-packed HiTrap TALON crude 1 ml and 5 ml columns and His GraviTrap TALON gravity flow columns allow direct loading of unclarified samples to minimize labor and protein degradation

• His SpinTrap TALON spin columns and His MultiTrap TALON 96-well plates enable screening with highly reproducible column-to-column and well-to-well results.