Product News: Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit for All Dispersion Liquids

27 Jun 2012

Worldwide the Laser Particle Sizers ANALYSETTE 22 ensure precise determination of particle size distributions, by Static Laser Scattering – in production and quality control as well as in research and development. Benefits include extremely simple operation, short analysis times and consistently reproducible and reliable results.

The NEW Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit
This is ideal for measurements in organic solvents or if only minimal sample quantities are available. The Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit is suitable for all kinds of dispersion liquids and needs less than 50 ml liquid for the whole measuring circuit. Automatic measurement, rinsing and analysis are guaranteed.
• Strong 100 watt (!) ultrasonic power, controllable
• Automatic Rinsing for fast cleaning
• Liquid circulation system without dead space
• All functions are SOP-controlled

The NEW Small Volume Wet Dispersion Unit can be combined with both models of the FRITSCH Laser Particle Sizers ANALYSETTE 22. Either the ANALYSETTE 22 MicroTec plus – the perfect all-round-laser with a measuring range of 0.08 – 2000 μm for all typical measurement tasks; or the ANALYSETTE 22 NanoTec plus, the highend instrument for measurements down to the nano range – for maximum precision and sensitivity for the smallest particles through the measurement of the backward scattering in a third laser beam.