Product News: Freeslate Introduces Custom Purge Box for Core Module 3 Automation Platform

05 Dec 2013

Freeslate, Inc., the leading provider of high throughput research solutions, today announced the introduction of a custom purge box that will accommodate the Freeslate Core Module 3 (CM3) automation platform. With a high-quality design that enables users to work in an oxygen- and moisture-free environment, the custom purge box offers a cost-effective solution for the automation of chemical reactions requiring an inert environment.

“We are constantly thinking about how to enable our customers to do more with our laboratory automation systems,” said John Senaldi, President and CEO of Freeslate. “Our new purge box enables work in an oxygen- and moisture-free environment, expanding the utility of the CM3 for chemical research.”

The new purge box, which is constructed using 304 stainless steel with polycarbonate windows, includes an exterior flanged, quick release front window with four glove ports. With its reinforced frame, it can support up to a two-meter CM3 system. Other features of the box include an oxygen analyzer including digital display and sample pump; auto purge controller for oxygen, as well as an automated purge gas inlet valve and purge gas outlet valve with over pressure relief valve; manual purge control valve; and safety light curtains for integration into the CM3 safety and EMO system.

Other optional features available for the purge box include:
• Closed-loop water cooling system
• Moister analyzer with digital display and sample pump
• Antechamber
• Ventilation system upgrade that allows the glove box to be connected to a customer-supplied ventilation duct, enabling the system to be used as a ventilated enclosure when inert atmosphere is not needed