Product News: Fluorogenics Launch Generix™ PCR Lyophilized Mastermix

24 Apr 2013

Fluorogenics are pleased to announce the launch of its new cost-effective Generix™ lyophilized PCR mastermix. Fluorogenics offers this product at an incredible transfer price to our valued distributors. Like our premium Cyxi™ ranges, Generix™ is an ambient stored core PCR mastermix suitable for a range of conventional and real-time PCR applications. Distributors can now offer a lyophilized mix to routine laboratory users at a competitive price.

Due to the unique properties of our process, the dried PCR reagent offers instant dissolution and is optimized for compatibility with a range of automated dispensing robots and PCR thermal cyclers, including glass capillary formats.

Generix™ is stable for up to 2 years at room temperature and may be used to amplify DNA templates, utilizing a full length Taq polymerase exhibiting 5-3’ exonuclease activity.

For applications requiring Hotstart, reverse transcriptase and rapid amplification we continue to recommend our Cyxi™ and Cyxi-FAST™ range of products. These products are also ‘carry-over ready’, containing dUTP.

Generix™ is offered for distribution only and is not currently available for OEM product incorporation. Please contact us for volume pricing and lead times.