Product News: FluidX Adds New Space-Saving External Thread Screw Top Tubes to Its Range of 2D Barcoded Sample Storage Tubes

21 Jan 2014

New and unique 2D barcoded external thread tubes have been added to the already substantial FluidX range of sample storage tubes, available in 0.3ml, 0.7ml and 1.0 volumes.

The new FluidX external thread screw top tube design enables laboratories to maximize storage volume by minimizing the total height of the tube, and saving valuable space in constantly crowded freezers. For example, using FluidX 0.7ml external thread tubes, rather than a standard internal thread design, will reduce the amount of storage space required by 20% and increases working volume by 15%.

Director Robin Grimwood is particularly excited about the 0.3ml external thread tube that is “specifically dedicated to DNA and RNA storage and, when combined with FluidX low profile racks, allows three racks to be stored In the place of two standard versions.”

External thread storage tubes use a deforming compression gasket, creating a secure seal that enables samples to be stored at temperatures as low as -196°C for extended periods of time without sample loss.

All FluidX sample storage tubes are made from specially selected polypropylene resin, this provides a lower binding and wider temperature tolerance than standard polypropylene resins and allows the tubes to be flash frozen.

External thread versions of our unique FluidX Jacket Tubes© also offer the security of Tri-Labelling; laser-etched, high contrast linear barcode and human readable code are provided on the jacket side while a 2D barcode on the tube base offers fast and reliable sample identification when combined with a 2D whole rack reader.

For added security, FluidX low profile SBS racks come with a locking lid and the 2D barcoded rack ID ensures a continuous chain of custody. They are also 25% smaller than standard racks.

FluidX offer one of the few sample storage ranges that adhere fully to the ECC200 standard. Every barcode is generated using latest and most sophisticated error correction methods while new generation, high quality, permanent laser-etching provides sharper detail.

As the company that introduced the very first scanner capable of reading a whole rack of 96 2D-barcoded tubes, FluidX remains committed to developing innovative products which continue to help scientists process, preserve and identify their samples for future decades.