Product News: FluidX Introduces their New Enhanced Sample Storage Range

30 Aug 2011

These exciting products include 2D-coded microtubes with protective jacket, linear barcode and human readable code. In addition they will be demonstrating their 2D-code readers designed for cold temperature use.

Available in 48 and 96 format, FluidX polypropylene tubes with protective jacket are ideal for use at low temperatures, including vapour phase liquid nitrogen storage and can be used with either screw caps or TPE septum caps.

A superior quality 2D Datamatrix code is laser etched onto the tube bottom and is generated using the latest and most sophisticated error correction methods so it remains easy to read even in harsh conditions. FluidX offer one of the few ranges that adhere fully to the ECC200 standard and every tube is checked to ensure they meet their demanding expectations.

A linear bar code and human readable tube ID are positioned on the side of the tube jacket for added security. Even the racks are available with a unique 2D code identifier which can be read simultaneously using a FluidX whole rack 2D-code reader providing automatic rack orientation and more secure sample tracking.

FluidX storage tubes are automation-friendly and can be used alongside one of their tube decapping and recapping systems which will automatically remove and recap screw caps, or septum caps, from racked tubes.

All their tubes are available sterilised and are certified free from DNase, RNase, DNA and endotoxins.