Product News: Exagen Diagnostics Launches Panel for SLE Diagnosis

17 Jan 2012

Exagen Diagnostics, Inc., has announced the launch of Avise SLE which aids in the diagnosis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). The 5-marker panel is designed to establish an accurate SLE diagnosis by confirming SLE whilst ruling out other rheumatic diseases.

The Avise SLE panel includes testing of ANA, dsDNA and Avise MCV, which are measured using ELISA. EC4d and BC4d are measured using flow cytometry. The diagnostic differentiates itself by using cell-bound complements, which offers increased performance over soluble complements. The panel requires only one blood draw and offers increased accuracy and convenience, and most importantly, confidence in diagnosis. All tests are processed at the laboratory in San Diego, California and the test turnaround time is 7 days.

“Exagen is excited to offer a breakthrough diagnostic that uses CB-CAPs technology to help accurately determine if a patient has lupus.” said Ron Rocca, President and CEO. “Because diagnosing lupus is so difficult and early diagnosis is critical in avoiding major organ damage, developing an accurate diagnostic to fill the unmet need for rheumatologists was a top priority. We have been able to do that with Avise SLE and are pleased to take part in helping physicians gain control over this serious disease.”