Industry News: One-day Workshops at the Cutting-edge of Science

15 Jul 2008

EuroSciCon, a specialist in communicating cutting edge technology and methodology in life science, has announced its upcoming series of CPD accredited life-science workshops. The first of these workshops, titled “PCR Perfection: Insider Tricks” takes place on 3rd October 2008 and will cover a wide range of topics. These include Real-Time PCR, applications in medical microbiology, RT-qPCR assay validation, primer selection and mRNA integrity. The meeting chair, Dr David Whitehouse has more than 20 years research experience, mostly with the MRC Human Biochemical Genetics Unit in UCL.

The second event titled “Visualising Cellular Function in vivo” will take place on 24th October 2008 and will be chaired by Dr Rob Fowkes, Royal Veterinary College, UK. This meeting will cover topics as diverse as: High resolution fluorescence microscopy with structured illumination, optical molecular imaging of cellular markers in vivo and ex vivo, glutocorticoid receptor trafficking and imaging pituitary cell function in transgenic mice.

The final life-science event of the year, titled “Recent advances in Flow cytometric techniques and instrumentation” will take place on 14th November 2008. This meeting will delve into the depths of science with discussions on: Current trends in flow cytometry, imaging flow cytometry’s role in cell analysis, the MACSQuant analyser – a new milestone in flow cytometry, FRET in flow cytometry and a new era in cytometry set up. The meeting chair, Dr Ian Dimmick, Institute of Genetics International Centre for Life, UK, commented, “This meeting will bring together the most recent advances in clinical and research flow cytometric techniques and the hardware that has been developed to keep pace with scientific requirements”.