Product News: Essen Instruments IncuCyte™ NEW HD Phase module for High Quality Imaging 96 and 384-Well microtitre plates

04 Apr 2008

We are proud to announce the latest addition to the IncuCyte™ range, the HD Phase™ module. Imaging dishes, flasks and microtitre plates under optimum in-vitro conditions, the IncuCyte™ is the first automated microscope to work inside a standard tissue culture incubator.

Until now, due to meniscus and sidewall effects, higher density plates such as 96 and 384 well have not produced good phase contrast images. Our proprietary imaging technique within the HD Phase™ module, renders the IncuCyte™ relatively insensitive to these and other artifacts such as dust. High contrast images may now be obtained in higher density plates than previously possible with conventional microscopy techniques.