Product News: Esoate Introduces the New G-Scan Brio - A Revolutionary MRI Approach for Weight-Bearing MRI

26 Nov 2012

Esaote introduces the new G-Scan Brio, a revolutionary approach for Weight-Bearing MRI and musculoskeletal applications, which allows clinicians to increase diagnostic accuracy and confidence.

Based on the experience of first generation of G-Scan systems, G-Scan Brio is a 2nd generation Weight-Bearing MRI system with a new look, new ergonomics and new acquisition techniques. Unlike a multipurpose MRI, all aspects of the G-Scan Brio system, from coils to user interface, have been developed and optimized to specifically perform musculoskeletal MRI examinations with a focus on efficiency and patient comfort. Patient setup is easily accomplished by a single operator, featuring a touch screen display on the gantry showing real-time images of the joint assuring fast and accurate positioning.

“The G-Scan tilting MRI allows clinicians to study all the joints and the entire spine either in clinostasis (supine) or in orthostasis (weight-bearing), because magnet and patient table can rotate from 0° to 90°. This method has provided several advantages for diagnosis and also for medical legal aspects” said Prof. Giuseppe Monetti, Professor and Chair Department of Diagnostic Imaging Nigrisoli” United Hospitals, Bologna (Italy) and Director of the International School of musculoskeletal Ultrasound. “In fact, the study of ligamentous structures if performed only in clinostasis doesn’t allow a correct definition of the eventual functional failure of these structures. In orthostasis there is almost a constant finding: the marked deflection of a ligament, as usually observed in anterior cruciate ligament. The same concept can be applied in the study of eventual meniscal dislocations, disk herniation, vertebral anterior and posterior-listhesis, as well as eventual reactive bone marrow edema, evident exclusively under weight-bearing.”

G-Scan Brio is not only a unique system from a clinical and diagnostic viewpoint but it is also easy to site and very economical to run. The low breakeven point of G-Scan Brio is fully in line with the economical constraints of today’s healthcare environment making it an optimal investment also for the private clinic. Easy installation, ease of use, low maintenance technology, low energy consumption, no cryogens, and remote service: all equal a smart investment.

Together with the G-Scan Brio, Esaote introduces the new E-MRI Brio Release 2 platform, a combination of acquisition and reconstruction of 2D sequences that substantially speed-up the MRI examination, emphasizing high image quality. The biggest benefit of this particular technology is the reduction of scan time without compromising image quality.