Product News: Hot New epMotion 5075 TMX Shakes Up Automated Pipetting

23 Feb 2009

The epMotion 5075 TMX features an integrated Thermomixer® to shake and heat or cool sample tubes and plates. The most flexible member yet of Eppendorf’s family of automated pipetting systems, the epMotion 5075 TMX saves time, reduces costs, and delivers up to 20 per cent higher yields in nucleic acid preparation protocols.

Using Eppendorf’s 2DMix-ControlTM technology, the Thermomixer’s orbital shaking and perfect balance of speed and mixing radius optimises resuspension of bacteria pellets or beads. Droplets are prevented from collecting on the side of tubes or plate wells, thus eliminating the need for additional centrifugation steps.

“Features such as a pipetting range from 1 to 1,000 µl, automated loading of the Thermomixer, as well as twelve worktable positions, provide both true walkaway automation” explains Eppendorfs epMotion product manager Holger Eggert ”By automating all heating steps for lysis and incubation, the epMotion 5075 TMX saves valuable time.”

Combining automated pipetting with automated mixing ensures perfectly homogenous assays and up to 20 per cent higher yields, for example, of gDNA from blood, or by facilitating use of the most cost-effective magnetic bead separation technologies, the epMotion 5075 TMX brings savings of up to 50 per cent in tip costs.

Typical applications for the epMotion 5075 TMX include immunoassays and cell assays, PCR and real-time PCR and sequencing set-up, serial dilutions, hit picking, and concentration normalisation. Ready-to-go Plug’n’Prep® methods for nucleic acid preparation provide instant automated purification results.