Product News: Eppendorf Launches New High Capacity Refrigerated Micro-Centrifuge Designed to Increase Efficiency in High-End Research Applications

08 Jan 2013

Eppendorf has launched the new Centrifuge 5427 R, a quiet, refrigerated, high capacity micro-centrifuge that is designed to meet the demanding performance and throughput requirements of today’s high-end research laboratories.

Equipped with a new 48-place rotor for maximum capacity, the Centrifuge 5427 R significantly reduces the time spent on routine work. Large sets of samples are handled safely and reliably. A choice of rotors makes the system suitable for a wide range of applications and sample types, with high-speed rotors delivering up to 25,000 x g, and options available for a swing bucket Rotor for 24 x1.5/2.0 mL tubes.

For added convenience, a Short-Spin function allows quick centrifugation at a pre-set speed. All rotor lids are aerosol tight and feature the Eppendorf QuickLock® system for rapid opening and closing.

Thanks to FastTemp™ rapid pre-cooling, the Centrifuge 5427 R will cool, for example, from 23˚C to 4˚C in 11 minutes. Once centrifugation is complete, continuous cooling maintains a constant temperature to fully protect the samples. An adjustable ECO shut-off function allows the compressor to be closed down after set periods of non-use in order to help save energy and contribute to a greener laboratory environment.