Product News: Eppendorf Announces New Brunswick S41i Incubator Shaker

01 Nov 2012

Eppendorf is proud to announce the release of the New Brunswick S41i Incubator Shaker. The New Brunswick S41i Incubator Shaker combines advanced CO2 incubator and shaker technologies to create a highly stable environment for reliable cell growth. A unique six-sided direct-heating profile provides gentle convection circulation of the chamber.

Additional features include a fanless design to eliminate a common source of repeated contamination and expensive HEPA filters, removable stainless steel humidity pans, and sealed inner/outer doors and advanced PI control to maintain temperature accuracy and uniformity while minimizing costly gas consumption. A removable shelf allows for simultaneous shaking of suspension cells and incubation of adherent cells under the same conditions. High temperature disinfection (HTD) protects against bacterial contamination, while a unique InfraRed (IR) CO2 sensor offers specific measurement and accurate control of CO2 levels.

The New Brunswick S41i Incubator Shaker can be used on the floor, under counter or double stacked to save space; it is ideally sized for a cell culture laboratory.