Product News: A new standard in automated pipetting

26 Mar 2007

Eppendorf is proud to introduce 4 new PC-integrated models of epMotion automated pipetting systems, once again setting new standards for simplicity and convenience for every lab. With epMotion, regardless of which model you choose, any manual pipetting function can be automated—quickly, easily, and above all, precisely!

So easy to use

epBlue, the PC software for all models in the series, is what makes epMotion so easy to operate. It features clear and simple functions for pipetting, as well as menus that guide you through your applications with ease. All users can become automation experts in less than a day!

More confidence

All new epMotion PC models come standard with an integrated industrial PC, which provides total harmony between hardware and software as well as continuous, trouble-free operation. In fact, every system undergoes a series of functional tests before shipment to ensure reliable functionality. Preinstalled software also eliminates the need for on-site installation and configuration, getting you up and running faster.

Superior pipetting. Utmost precision. Flexible handling. Now with an integrated PC—epMotion perfects pipetting.

More information can be found on the article webpage.