Product News: New Eppendorf Refrigerated Microcentrifuge – a Class of its Own

01 Jun 2009

Centrifuge 5430 R from Eppendorf is the world’s first refrigerated microcentrifuge to incorporate a microplate rotor. Like the air-cooled Centrifuge 5430, the refrigerated version accommodates virtually any tube or plate, making Centrifuge 5430 R ideal for an impressive range of applications in R&D facilities, hospitals and diagnostic laboratories.

Combining the rotor options of a benchtop model with the small footprint of a microcentrifuge, the new 30-place Centrifuge 5430 R offers much greater capacity in a smaller footprint. This innovative model with compact design has all the capabilities of a high-end microcentrifuge, while also being an affordable option for spinning samples in a refrigerated environment.

A choice of eight different rotors gives maximum versatility, enabling the centrifugation of micro test tubes, PCR tubes and strips, spin column kits, cryo tubes, 15 ml and 50 ml Falcon tubes, as well as MTP and PCR plates. Uniquely, with the use of additional adapters, Centrifuge 5430 and 5430 R can accommodate every type of commonly used blood collection tube. The very high g-force (up to 30,130 x g) minimises centrifugation times, and safety features include an aerosol-tight standard rotor, automatic rotor detection and automatic imbalance detection.

State-of-the-art cooling technology ensures fast, precise and efficient cooling of samples in tubes, plates and slides. The available temperature range is –11 ºC to +40 ºC, and 4 ºC can be maintained at maximum speed. Other cooling features include continuing cooling after the end of the run, Fast Temp and Fast Temp Pro.

Centrifuge 5430 R is available with a choice of operating panels: rotating knobs for fast and easy setting of time and speed parameters, or foil pad for easy cleaning. Both options incorporate an ‘All Informative Display’ showing all parameters on one screen. There are five programmable buttons and a further 45 programs can be stored with assigned alphanumeric names. The intuitive menu concept is simple to use and any one of four languages may be selected.

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