Product News: DiSH™ Technology for Rapid Production of Monoclonal Antibodies Now Available from Enzo Life Sciences, Inc.

05 Apr 2013

Enzo Life Sciences continues to enable drug and diagnostic development with their newest product, the Direct Selection of Hybridomas (DiSH™) Kit.

Monoclonal antibodies (mAb) are of high significance for the drug discovery market. In addition to their use as general purpose discovery reagents for detection and quantification of antigens, mAbs can function as biotherapeutic drug candidates, targeting disease-causing cells and critical biomarkers for highly specific diagnostic assays. Generation of mAbs can be a time-consuming process from immunization and fusion with myeloma cells, through selection and screening of antigen-specific hybridoma clones.

The DiSH™ technology patented by Abeome (Athens, GA) is an enhanced method for selecting antigen-specific hybridomas. Using a genetically engineered Sp2ab myeloma fusion partner, the DiSH system generates hybridomas that both secrete antigen-specific antibody and express the antibody on the cell surface. Once labeled, these hybridomas can easily be enriched from among a pool of hundreds of thousands of cells in a matter of hours using fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) or magnetic separation. This innovation shortens the clone selection phase by up to 75% compared to traditional limiting dilution protocols. The DiSH™ Kit is supplied with an easy-to-follow protocol, a validated cell line and all necessary media, reagents and controls.

With this complete kit, Enzo Life Sciences enables scientists to more rapidly detect novel antibodies for a variety of research and pharmaceutical applications.