Industry News: SomaLogic to Launch Breakthrough Proteomic Technology at ELRIG ‘Companion Diagnostics’ Conference

23 Mar 2012

SomaLogic, Inc., has announced that it is to launch SomaSciences in the United Kingdom, making SomaLogic’s breakthrough proteomic technology available to researchers across the country. The SomaSciences launch will take place at the ELRIG – ‘Companion Diagnostics’ Conference on May 1, 2012 at The Belfry, Oxford.

The measurement of proteins provides the most immediate, real-time assessment of the state of health and disease in individual patients. Unfortunately the ability to accurately identify and measure the thousands of proteins present in small amounts of biological sample, in a high-throughput and wide-ranging manner, has proven to be technologically unfeasible.

SomaLogic’s proprietary SOMAscanTM proteomic assay overcomes many of the limitations of current technologies and provides a “one stop shop” for the entire process from basic biomarker discovery to validated companion diagnostic. The SOMAscan technology also gives unprecedented protein biomarker support for drug discovery and development, including target discovery and validation, mechanism of action, prediction of efficacy, patient stratification, and drug response monitoring.

Steven Williams, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer of SomaLogic, will present the company’s technology in a talk at the ELRIG ‘Companion Diagnostics’ Conference entitled:

“Unlocking protein biomarker discovery for diagnostics and therapeutics; Rapid translation to diagnostic products”

“We are delighted that this is the first formal European availability of our technology,” said Dr. Williams. “We look forward to building on our current strong collaborations in the UK and establishing new ones that will create additional opportunities for building transformative health care products.”

More information about SomaLogic and its SOMAscan technology can be found at