ELITechGroup Launches New Interactive e-Learning Portal

17 Sep 2013
ELITechGroup Clinical Systems recognizes the need to bring more innovative solutions to its users. Its latest addition is the new online learning website www.learnelitech.com which will add considerable value for its customers using the Selectra Touch Pro Software to operate the Selectra ProS and ProM chemistry analyzers. The website is not only user friendly and extremely easy to navigate but interactive to make learning interesting, more effective and fun.

The e-learning portal will provide users with access to short training videos adapted to key areas such as daily tasks, maintenance, and assay configuration including calibrators and controls. The videos provide step by step guidance to understand and perform routine operation. All videos are complete with voice over, notes, and downloadable materials.

The portal provides a real understanding to the Selectra technologies and products, and will help users to achieve their goals.

This website will be of significant benefit to users around the world who can access it at their convenience, and to any new users who need supplementary training pre- or post- installation. For new staff, www.learnelitech.com can deliver an additional learning resource for the laboratory.

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