Product News: ELITech Clinical Systems Provides Real-Time Remote Access Support for Selectra Pro Bench Top Chemistry Systems

19 Jun 2013

Laboratories are continually pressured to maximize uptime and improve productivity.
ELITech Clinical Systems’ understands this pressure and is pleased to announce remote access and diagnostic services. In addition to reliable chemistry instruments, remote access is another way ELITech Group ensures that customers have maximum uptime from Selectra Pro Systems. Patrice Babineau, Director of Technical and Marketing Support, explains that “Our Solution Center Support Representatives can perform remote control operation of our customer’s instruments through a secure internet connection to monitor and review system data and performance information.” Remote service capability means that many assay and system concerns are solved on-line and in real-time, often without the need for an on-site visit. Patrice goes on to say that “even if a service visit is required, the Field Engineer has additional information and is equipped with the necessary parts to perform an efficient on-site repair.”

Laura Sandve, the laboratory supervisor at West Milford Medical Center, confirmed the speedy support she gets with ELITech’s remote diagnostics. “The technical support is wonderful because most issues can be resolved with their remote diagnostic capability. With my previous analyzer, I would be down for 2 days before getting service. Now issues are addressed if not the same day, then the next.”

Customer benefits of remote access go beyond efficient problem resolution. For example, the two-way file transfer capability maximizes uptime with minimal interference. The connection allows for easier software updates which can be downloaded and installed via the secure connection. Files can also be sent from the instrument to technical support staff for more complete analysis of potential system issues.

Paul Zago, ELITech’s Laboratory Specialist, points out that he uses remote access to reinforce training. “For example, if a new customer has a question on how to perform an action, I can connect with their instrument and show them how to perform the steps on their screen versus describing them over the phone.”

Customers who inquire about the security of the ELITech’s remote access connectivity need not worry. It is hosted in ISO-27001 certified and HIPPA-compliant data centers. Any data transfer is transmitted via a secure channel using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, the standard for secure internet network connections. With every remote session initiated, a dynamic session password is created to prevent any permanent access. Each time an operator wants to connect with an ELITech Support Specialist, they must provide their user ID and a single-use password that is generated on the spot. This means that ELITech’s Support Representatives can access the user’s system only if invited to do so by the system operator.

ELITech Clinical Systems’ is committed to providing trouble-free results to laboratories that operate closer to the patient. Remote diagnostics capability for the Selectra ProM and ProS BenchTop chemistry systems supports this commitment. Operators get real-time technical support and training, two-way file transfer for advanced diagnostics and software updates through a secure internet connection to help maximize uptime and productivity.