Product News: Automate the Transportation of Petri Dishes from Receipt of Sample to Analysis

04 Nov 2010

Don Whitley Scientific presents Petri-Flow™ manufactured by Zisys Ltd. Designed to suit individual requirements and work flows, Petri-Flow improves productivity of microbiological testing in food, clinical and water laboratories.

Petri-Flow’s modern and ergonomic design offers the ideal layout for laboratory processes and can be modified to suit the space available. This flexible modular system can be adapted according to sample throughput and expanded according to the budget using a variety of accessories. Developed with customers in mind, the Petri-Flow is easy to keep clean and features a built-in conveyor belt cleaning attachment.

A key feature of Petri-Flow is the LIMS connection, which ensures that sample information is printed directly onto each dish, both as a machine-readable barcode and a record of key test details that a a technician can easily read. This helps to eliminate manual labelling errors and ensure failsafe identification of the samples from collection to image analysis. Streamlining laboratory workflow, Petri-Flow allows pre-filled or empty Petri dishes to be stored in bulk at one end of the system. The Petri-Flow system stacks dishes in accordance with pre-programmed protocols for each sample type before transporting them to a laboratory workbench for inoculation. Samples can then be conveyed to the media pouring station, if required, prior to storage in an incubator.