Product News: New Ecological “Green Technology” Refrigerated Storage for the Laboratory

27 Jul 2011

Dometic Medical Systems has launched a complete range of refrigerated storage units with exceptionally low CO2 generation during their use. This new range includes the FR 110 GG -41 °C Freezer, MF 110 SG -35 °C Freezer, UF 455/755 GG86 °C Ultra low freezers, ML/MP 155 SG +5°C refrigerators and the complete LR/PR range (+4°C refrigerators) and BR range (+4°C Blood bank refrigerators). Investment has been so substantial and the effect so radical that the company has introduced a new logo for the series allied to its corporate “Technology for life” byline.

Using natural hydrocarbons such as isobutane, propane and ethane, plus additional technical optimization, Dometic Medical Systems has achieved remarkable ecological benefits:

• Huge reduction in CO2 emission
• 40-60% reduction in energy consumption
• Over 80% less heat dissipated
• 40% lower power consumption
• Improved hold over times
• Dramatically lowered running cost

The noise level has also been substantially reduced, making for a more comfortable use of the instruments in the laboratory.Beside their new ecological features, these units are also classified to ISO5/EC GMP A or ISO6/EC GMP B(depending on the models) as ideal for clean room installation, providing greater convenience and added protection for the samples by being able to be sited close to the place of sample handling.

The FR and MF Freezers are particularly suited to plasma and blood component storage. The UF Ultra low freezers are the units of choice for cells, molecular and cell biology products, typically stored in cryovials. The models LR, PR, ML and MP are refrigerators for laboratories and for pharmaceutical products. The BR (Blood bank refrigerators) range represents the perfect solution for legally safe storage for blood bags/ erythrocyte concentrates.