Product News: Dolomite Microfluidics Launches Versatile Pump Solution with Increased User Flexibility

27 Sep 2011

Dolomite is pleased to introduce the Mitos P-Pump Remote, offering a versatile solution for microfluidics, allowing users a seamless way to control their experimental environment. Operating over a wide pressure range up to 10bar, the Mitos P-Pump Remote is the latest addition to Dolomite’s Mitos P-Pump range. Featuring an innovative pneumatic fitting which enables users to attach Dolomite Remote Chambers or custom chambers with a push-click action reducing downtime between experiments.

Multiple remote chambers can be used which are easily accessible for cleaning or sterilisation broadening experimental possibilities and increasing efficiency within microfluidic systems. For applications requiring temperature control or agitation of particles, such as cell manipulation, the remote chambers can be placed on a hotplate, magnetic stirrer or incubator.

The Mitos P-Pump Remote can be used together with Dolomite’s Mitos P-Pump Remote Chamber 30, a glass pressure chamber which connects securely to the pump via a pneumatic fitting located on the base and can contain fluid samples from 100μl to 30ml. The Mitos P-Pump Remote is also available as Mitos P-Pump Remote Basic featuring data logging and control via free PC software.