Product News: Closed-Loop Control of Micro-Scale Flow Rates Using Pressure for Pulse Free Performance

09 Jul 2012

Microfluidics expert Dolomite has enhanced its world leading Mitos P-Pump range with the introduction of intelligent closed-loop Flow Control which provides control of flow rates from 70 nl/min to 5 ml/min. The improved flow rate precision of the new software benefits the fields of droplet generation, micro process engineering and microreaction kinetics.

By connecting a Mitos Flow Rate Sensor in-line between the pump and microfluidic device, users can enter a flow rate target directly on the Mitos P-Pump itself with no need for a PC. Systems can be extended to multiple P-Pumps, which will all control flow rate independently. Featuring quick changeover between flow control and pressure control, users can continue to enjoy the flow smoothness of the pressure driven Mitos P-Pump, but with more accurate control over the delivery of picolitre reagent volumes into the system.

Operating in flow control mode provides quantifiable benefits in droplet microfluidics. Dolomite’s flow control software allows droplet monodispersity with a CV < 0.14 % measured for the droplet size over long time periods.