Product News: Disposable tips now available for 384-MultiChannel Arm™

17 Dec 2008

Tecan’s new MCA384™ Disposable Tips are specifically designed to optimize performance of the 384-MultiChannel Arm option for Freedom EVO® workstations, maximizing productivity for automated liquid handling applications in life science research with improved accuracy and reliability.

The product range complements the unrivalled flexibility of the 384-MultiChannel Arm. The unique, integrated sealing system and precision fit of the MCA384 Disposable Tips improve precision, performance and reliability while reducing maintenance costs. Currently available in 50 μl and 125 μl sizes – with 15 μl tips due for release early next year – MCA384 Disposable Tips guarantee accurate pipetting across a broad volume range, from 0.5 μl to 125 μl. Tips are supplied in color-coded racks with labeling for quick and simple identification of tip volume and purity, and are offered in sterile or non-sterile options.

MCA384 Disposable Tips also offer additional functionalities, such as the ability to work in 1,536-well format plates using 15 μl tips and full-depth access in deep-well plates with 125 μl tips.

To find out more on Tecan’s MCA384 Disposable Tips, visit the company website or request further information by clicking on the link on the right.