Product News: PathHunter Technology Webinar: High Biological Context in an HTS Format

08 May 2007

Learn about PathHunter technology and how it can be applied to measure cellular functions such as translocation, protein-protein interactions, secretion, degradation and how it can be applied to Beta-Arrestin GPCR assays.

DiscoveRx assay solutions are based on our core proprietary Enzyme Fragment Complementation (EFC) technology that is well established in clinical diagnostics and now further enhanced to provide unique solutions to drug discovery research. EFC technology is a proven, established screening technology in most major pharmaceutical companies and allows one to configure a range of biochemical (HitHunter™) and cell based (PathHunter™) assays. All assays are simple, homogeneous, automation friendly and work on standard luminescent and fluorescent plate readers.

The PathHunter™ technology, an adaptation of EFC technology, enables in vivo cell-based assays for pathway profiling and screening. The presentation will focus on screening platforms for virtually any GPCR using our Beta-Arrestin technology. Through our core technologies, DiscoveRx is able to offer assay solutions for every major class of drug target, including GPCRs, kinases, proteases, nuclear hormone receptors, transcription factors, and secreted proteins.

If you missed our webinar on PathHunter Technology, you can click on the article webpage to download the presentation as a PDF file.