Product News: New Products Add Speed and Simplicity to Dionex Sample Preparation Solutions

16 Mar 2011

Dionex is pleased to announce the release of several new solid-phase extraction (SPE) cartridges, a
centrifuge evaporator, and software support to add speed and simplicity to your sample preparation solutions.

New products and software support include:

Five new SolEx™ SPE cartridges (EPA method 521, EPA method 525, and phthalate-free) to speed up SPE. Water contaminants including pesticides, antibiotics, and pharmaceuticals are of great concern globally and must be monitored. Water samples often require pre-concentration before analysis due to the low levels of contaminants, and the low method detection limits (MDLs). The SPE technique is one of the most important for sample enrichment because it overcomes many of the
disadvantages of liquid-liquid extraction. These new cartridges can be simply added on-line in your high pressure liquid chromatography system.

Genevac Rocket® Evaporator, a centrifuge-based vacuum evaporator that allows evaporation directly into autosampler vials without manual transfer from the collection vessels used in the Dionex accelerated solvent extraction (ASE) instruments. With the Rocket Evaporator, minimal solvent usage is key, an important consideration for any laboratory seeking to reduce their impact on the environment and save money.

Chromeleon® Chromatography Data System software enterprise ready version 7.1 now provides control of the Dionex ASE® 350 instruments. The software provides capabilities not available directly from the instrument front panel as well as the ability to print and document extraction methods.

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