Product News: Dionex Presents Speed, Simplicity and Solutions

23 Mar 2011

With a focus on enabling you beyond the box, Dionex presents new applications and product innovations designed to maximize speed and simplicity, giving you the best solutions.

With the speed and performance provided by Dionex systems, you are able to keep increasing your productivity and efficiency. This is critical as the majority of our users are under pressure to deliver more data using the same number or in some cases, fewer resources.

Our focus on simplicity is based on helping you to be more efficient. We achieve this by ensuring that the Dionex systems, applications and product workflows are easy to implement and make sense from a total workflow perspective.

It all comes together with solutions where Dionex enables reproducible results, system versatility and broad applicability by providing an extensive knowledge base of applications and a broad network of Global Services and Support.

The latest developments include:

• The launch of the enterprise-ready Chromeleon® 7.1 Chromatography Data System software
• An out-of-the-box automated solution for Monoclonal Antibody screening and characterization
• A unique Inverse Gradient UHPLC solution for any analyte
• New column chemistries – expanding applications for capillary IC, protein analysis, carbohydrate studies or U/HPLC reversed-phase solutions
• A new Customer Global Services Initiative to maximize uptime and deliver Support and Training to meet your needs.

Dionex is making a real difference by delivering solutions that have a tangible impact on your results. 

The Dionex vendor seminar highlights applications specifically designed to enable Speed – Simplicity – Solutions

Date: Tuesday, March 29, Noon – 2:30,
Location: Convention Center, Room 211A

12:00-12:40 Increase your Productivity with the Latest Technological Innovations in IC Columns and Consumables
12:40-1:20 Operational Security: The Ideal Chromatography Data System for your Enterprise
1:20-2:00 Fast Results: Semi-Quantitative Analysis without the Need for Standards
2:00-2:30 Improving Productivity Through Automated Sample Preparation

Meet Dionex at booth 821 or visit the company article page to learn what's new.