Product News: Diatron Introduces New 3-Part Differential Hematology Analyzer

03 Apr 2014

The new Abacus 3CT compact analyzer offers enhanced capacity and flexibility

The Diatron Group, a global provider of hematology and clinical chemistry analyzers, has launched a new version of its Abacus 3CT hematology analyzer. The new Abacus 3CT is a compact, bench-top, flexible 3-part differential analyzer which now offers 22 parameters to deliver even more patient data, and with its cap piercing capability, it can be used with sample tubes that are open or closed for greater convenience.

As part of the Diatron continuous update program - which ensures that Diatron products meet customer requirements in line with changing pathology needs - the new analyzer has been enhanced significantly from the original version. A number of further key product enhancements now incorporated into the new analyzer deliver many additional user benefits. The most visually apparent change is the introduction of the latest 8” high resolution, color touchscreen with new intuitive multi-lingual user interface, making it clear and simple to operate.

Significantly, the new Abacus 3CT has an enhanced package of on-board quality control (QC) features. The QC capacity has been greatly increased to 24 lots, and QC values can now be loaded via QR codes or USB to avoid any incorrect assignment of values. Operating rights can also be assigned to selected operators to ensure only trained persons can use the system. In addition, an on-board log details when reagents were last changed, with a constant on-screen display of reagent expiry dates as well as remaining reagent volumes. Additional QC features, such as aperture anti-clog protection and automatic cleaning after every 15 sample measurements, further ensure the quality and reliability of diagnostic results.

To accommodate the increased volume of data generated by the 22 parameter measurements, the on-board data storage capacity of the Abacus 3CT has been doubled to 10,000 records, with improved LIS connectivity for results transfer.

All the new features make the Abacus 3CT exceptionally easy-to-use and an ideal solution for small laboratories, satellite clinics and doctors’ offices alike. For more information on the Abacus 3CT and other Diatron products, please click on the ‘request information’ tab below or follow the company website link.