Product News: DiaSorin Displays Latest Infectious Disease Assays at Biomedica 2012

27 Apr 2012

DiaSorin was displaying its latest 3 infectious disease assays at BioMedica in Dublin 2012 this week. The HIV Ab/Ag, HBsAg and HCV Ab assays are all chemiluminescence assays for use on the new DiaSorin LIAISON® XL platform.

The LIAISON® XL murex HIV Ab/Ag sandwich chemiluminescent assay automatically combines results from anti-HIV antibody and HIV p24 antigen assays giving the test superior sensitivity for early diagnosis. The test can detect all major HIV variants and subtypes with a high level of reproducibility.

The LIAISON® XL murex HCV Ab indirect chemiluminescent assay uses high-quality recombinant antigens to detect all major HCV genotypes. HCV is diagnosed serologically by detecting antibodies specific to the hepatitis C virus (anti-HCV).

The LIAISON® XL murex HBsAg Quant is a direct two-step sandwich chemiluminescence assay based on novel murine monoclonal antibodies (Mabs). Patented technology means that the test has the unique capability to detect both HBsAg mutants and the HBsAg genotypes. Mabs are capable of binding the unfolded antigen in the presence of a high concentration of detergents and are directed towards the “classical a” loop region as well as to highly conserved domains derived from both the internal hydrophilic loop and the transmembrane regions. The technology is highly reproducible and shows excellent sensitivity and specificity.