Product News: Denville Scientific Releases New Microscopes and Slides

28 Aug 2013

Denville Scientific has announced a NEW line of Microscopes and Microscope Slides.

The microscopes are designed to provide the maximum optical performance on durable and affordable platforms. Denville Scientific has a variety of models with unique features, including trinocular camera and video mounts. A wide range of objectives are available including Achromat, Semi-Plan and Plan Achromat. All Microscopes come with a 5 year mechanical warranty.

The Microscope selection includes basic and advanced models as well as Epi-Fluorescence and Stereo-Zoom models.
In addition Denville Scientific now offers a variety of Microscope Slides.

Denville Ultra™ Clear is a high quality line of slides comparable to German or Swiss made slides. The Ultra™ Clear Slides are either Frosted or Positively Charged.

Denville Ultra™ Clear Positively Charged Microscope Slides provide the ideal surface for cell and tissue adhesion. These Charged Slides are ideal for histology, cytology and pathology laboratories. They come in a variety of colors and edge styles.

Denville Scientific Ultra™ Frosted Microscope Slides are manufactured using a unique chemical etching process providing a smooth surface which will not wear down slide marking pens. The slides come pre-cleaned and ready for use.