Product News: Dako and Omnyx Launch Digital Pathology Solution for Breast Cancer Diagnostics

02 Sep 2013

Dako, an Agilent Technologies Company and worldwide provider of cancer diagnostics, and Omnyx, LLC (a joint venture of GE Healthcare Ltd. and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center), a leader in digital pathology, announced today that they are launching clinical image analysis for digital pathology in Europe.

By providing quantitative results for HercepTest, Dako and Omnyx enable a confident diagnosis, with an overall aim of supporting pathologists in generating accurate, objective and reproducible diagnostic results.

As part of the collaboration which began in 2010, Dako has used its expertise in staining and image analysis to develop algorithms that are incorporated into the Omnyx digital pathology platform as part of Omnyx's overall strategy of providing pathologists with a comprehensive digital workflow. The HercepTest image analysis tool is now accessible in the Omnyx system and has been specifically customized for Dako's breast cancer prognostic markers.

"Omnyx envisions a future where image analysis and workflow empower pathologists to make confident clinical decisions ultimately leading to better patient care," said Jim LaFrance, CEO of Omnyx. "Our partnership with Dako allows us to offer image analysis to clinicians who use Dako tests. Image analysis for prognostic markers within the Omnyx Integrated Digital Pathology workflow provides pathologists with a powerful set of tools to improve both accuracy and efficiency."

Digital pathology converts glass slides into digital images and efficiently manages the resulting image data. It enables pathologists to improve productivity by providing a virtual means of reviewing tissue sections without handling traditional glass slides, and it offers digital image analysis tools to help pathologists interpret tissue-based test results objectively. Digital pathology holds tremendous potential for standardizing test interpretation and enabling greater accuracy in cancer diagnostics.

"With this offering, Dako and Omnyx support pathologists in making confident, efficient diagnoses based on both subjective and quantitative measures," said Jakob Mohr Christensen, vice president of Global Marketing at Dako. "Additionally, the algorithms link digital scanners to Dako reagents and staining instruments, which give customers a complete and integrated solution. Dako is committed to continually improving patient care by finding ways to further enhance the standards and accuracy in cancer diagnostics."