Product News: DRG:Hybrid-XL™ to be Showcased at 2013 AACC Conference

10 Jun 2013

The DRG:Hybrid-XL™ fully automated, random access analyzer will be a highlight of the 2013 AACC Conference. The desktop analyzer, ideal for medium-sized and small laboratories, provides diagnostic services to hospitals, clinics and large medical practice facilities. This innovative and unique technology allows the simultaneous measurement of immunoassays and clinical chemistry parameters, including turbidimetric tests in one sample.

Presently, diagnostic tests are the key to physical examinations of patients, as well as the tools for therapeutic purposes in treating pathological conditions. Cyril E. Geacintov, Ph. D. or ‘Dr. G’ as he’s often called, is the founder, CEO, and president of DRG. “The DRG:Hybrid-XL will allow laboratories to conduct specific testing on-site,” he says. “This will provide for faster and more accurate test results with greater convenience.” In smaller labs, the DRG:Hybrid-XL combines the ability to analyze both immunodiagnostic parameters, as well as clinical chemistry tests, which would otherwise require two separate processors.

An exciting new product for many conference attendees, the DRG:Hybrid-XL is also ideal for high work-load labs performing routine and niche diagnostic parameters on large automatic equipment. Up to 40 tests of different types or 40 times of the same test, or up to 20-patient samples can be ordered by the medical practitioner over a wide range of pre-packaged tests to serve different specialties, such as gynecology, oncology, pre-natal supervision, cardiac markers, infectious diseases, and other common diseases.

The unique construction of the DRG:Hybrid-XL allows for the flexibility to combine diagnostic panels that can run at the same time. For example, a lab may now run cardiology and oncology panels concurrently. Additionally, the DRG analyzer has the ability to detect antigens and antibodies in serum, plasma or saliva. To work with the unique design of the analyzer, DRG will offer packages of 20, 40, 100 tests for flexibility and customization depending on test requirements. The small package size of the cartridges, and thus the reagents included, reduces the amount of waste disposal. The DRG:Hybrid-XL is designed to provide ease of use in all aspects of testing. The analyzer is controlled by an easy-to-read touch screen monitor run by software that offers simple user navigation. Depending upon the test type, the results can be read in as little as 10 minutes, which is ideal for on-site decisions involved with emergency procedures. Currently DRG is in the process of validating a wide range of possible tests for use in a variety of areas of medical expertise.