Product News: Coulbourn Instruments Launch New SMART 3.0 Advanced Video Tracking System

22 Mar 2013

Coulbourn Instruments is pleased to announce the launch of the SMART 3.0 Advanced Video Tracking System for researchers. SMART 3.0 offers the most user-friendly interface combined with the power and flexibility required to increase the productivity of your research. The new modular structure fits all activity research needs.

• Applications include standard tracking and spontaneous activity (distance, speed, time, entries in zones, mobility, low/high activity etc.)
• Advanced calculations for water maze, open field, plus-maze, forced swimming, T-maze, Y-maze, place preference, social interaction, etc.
• Global activity detection optimized for forced swim and fear conditioning applications
• Superior zone editing and association features, including adjustable brightness and contrast in each zone.
• Most comprehensive video tracking analysis tools available including 2D and 3D activity mapping.
• Built-in DVR system for simple applications and RECORD-IT DVR options for more complex needs.

Coulbourn Instruments is the exclusive US distributor of SMART 3.0 and other Panlab products. Coulbourn and Panlab, both Harvard Apparatus companies, provide the most trusted solutions for behavioral studies. These complementary solutions have been assembled into a comprehensive new catalog.