Product News: Cost Effective and Reliable Analysis of Beverage Antioxidant Activity

24 Nov 2012

Antioxidants present in red wine, tea, fruit juices and other beverages are known to give cardio-protective effect. The Randox Food Diagnostics Total Antioxidant Status (TAS) kit provides beverage companies with a useful tool to evaluate the phenolic content of their products by measurement of its antioxidant activity. The variation in phenolic composition is thought to account for the flavour, taste, colour and odour of different beverages.

Research shows levels of TAS are heavily present in red wine followed by tea, whilst other beverages indicating significant levels of antioxidants include cranberry juice, apple juice and coffee.

The TAS kit from Randox Food Diagnostics is suitable for both manual and automated analysers and offers a cost effective and quantitative assessment of a beverage’s phenolic content by way of antioxidant activity.

TAS Benefits:
• Monitor impact manufacturing practises have on TAS levels
• No interference from SO2 and acetaldehyde addition to bases wines
• Improve sensory characteristics of products
• Enhance stability of products
• Results within 3 minutes
• Linearity of 2.5mmol/L
• Suitable for manual use or for automation on a range of analysers