Product News: HYPERFlask® and HYPERStack® Featured by Corning Life Sciences

07 Nov 2011

Corning Life Sciences will feature innovative products at Neuroscience 2011 including a new line of gas-permeable thin film vessels, HYPERFlask® and HYPERStack®. Corning also presents several xeno-free surfaces for specialized cell culture applications: Corning® CellBIND® Surface for cell attachment, Osteo Assay Surface for osteogenesis research, and Synthemax™ Surface for stem cell growth and differentiation. Additional products include Transwell® Permeable Supports, Netwell™ and Snapwell™ inserts for a variety of cell-based assays. In addition to our cell culture portfolio, Corning will showcase a full line of storage and liquid handling products.

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Corning Epic® Discovery Services

Epic Label-free Technology from Corning provides rich cellular analysis for a wide range of research applications, discovery targets and phenotypic screens. Epic technology detects compound pharmacology, cell pathway activity and network interactions in a whole-cell approach, providing more biologically relevant data.

Corning Epic Discovery Services helps reveal hidden compound activities and novel interactions, unforeseen pathway interactions, and off-target effects, providing more biologically relevant data to enhance decision making in compound prioritization.