Product News: Corning Launches New Centrifuge Bottle Line

20 May 2013

Corning introduces a new centrifuge bottle product offering for large volume processing in cell harvesting, pelleting and protein purification. Eight new SKUs are added and customers are able to select material, cap type, and size based on applications.

The polypropylene bottles are translucent and have excellent chemical resistance, while polycarbonate bottles are transparent clear. Two cap styles: high performance silicone O-ring seal caps for high speed applications and standard screw cap for low speed applications. All come in 250 and 500 mL sizes. This new line allows researchers to decrease the number of centrifugation cycles, improve laboratory efficiency and boost productivity.

Features and Benefits
• Available in 250 and 500 mL sizes (1000 mL coming soon)
• Choice of polypropylene or polycarbonate
• Two cap styles: standard and high performance with silicone O-ring (caps are not interchangeable between bottles of different size)
• Specially designed cap with a built-in easy grip feature
• Wide-mouth bottle design for improved liquid handling
• Extra-thick walls for durability
• Leak-proof processing at maximum rated speeds
• Autoclavable at 121°C, 15 psi for 20 minutes (once)