Product News: Wave Goodbye to Time-Consuming Large Format Vertical Gel Electrophoresis

09 Oct 2012

Helping to make life that 'little bit easier in the Lab' is one of the objectives that drives Gel Electrophoresis specialists Cleaver Scientific (CSL) to continually develop new products which save time and space. A good example of this is the new VS20 Wave Maxi System - their latest innovation for large-format vertical gel electrophoresis.

The VS20 Wave is designed to perform a variety of separations, ranging from first and second dimension SDS-PAGE to capillary tube gel IEF and electroblotting. However, unlike other systems whose traditional clamping configurations require adjustment of as many as 24 screws to secure just two glass plates, the VS20 WAVE insert utilizes only four screws to secure as many 20 x 20cm gels. This innovative vertical screw-clamp technology ensures not only much faster set-up speed it also exerts uniform pressure along the height of the glass plates to facilitate a leak-free seal without gel compression and bowing to provide even migration.

The ergonomic WAVE-like design of the PAGE insert aids both handling and set-up, while its built-in inner buffer chamber allows set-up to be completed without the inclusion of a top tank or upper buffer chamber. A detachable cooling coil is supplied enabling the WAVE to be connected to a re-circulating chiller for uniform, trouble-free electrophoresis and this also permits runs to be performed faster at higher voltage.

The WAVE also benefits from a high-specification injection-molded construction, while its modular design and optional conversion kit allow blotting and isoelectric focusing techniques to be undertaken in the same all-purpose tank.