Product News: Organic Agarose is Clever for DNA, Kinder to the Environment

08 Jun 2011

A new high grade, more environmentally friendly Agarose for Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis techniques has been introduced by laboratory equipment specialists CLEAVER SCIENTIFIC (CSL). CleverGEL is suitable for routine analysis of nucleic acids and is manufactured using an organic, more environmentally friendly solvent-free process.

CleverGEL’s high resolving capacity across a wide range of fragment sizes, standard gelling-melting temperatures, low electroendosmosis (EEO) and high resolution results in gels showing clear and sharp bands, even with small fragments. Finally, its high gel strength enables easy handling of gels and compatibility with blotting techniques.

CleverGEL from CSL is available in volumes from 5g up to 5000g and is part of a range of electrophoresis reagents and consumables which include: Buffers, RNAse-freewater, Ready-to-use DNA markers and GelX disposable gel excision tips.