Product News: Cellectricon Launch the Cellaxess ACE for In-Situ Transfection at Neuroscience 2012

23 Oct 2012

SelectScience joined thousands of scientists at Neuroscience 2012 in New Orleans, USA to find out about the latest technologies that have been launched to facilitate neuroscience research. At the Cellectricon booth the Cellaxess® ACE, which enables high quality in-situ transfection of primary and iPSC-derived cells in their adherent state, was on show.

With the innovative Cellaxess® ACE, almost any cell type can be transfected at any stage of cellular development with virtually no impact on cell viability or morphology. In this aspect, the Cellaxess method is superior to cuvette electroporation and reagent-based methods.

The Cellaxess® ACE allows for long-term transfection and knock-down experiments, and gene expression can be detected up to several weeks after transfection in primary cell types. As cells can also be transfected at any stage of development, this allows for complete freedom in phenotypic studies.

Based on the same concept as Cellaxess® Elektra, the in-situ electroporation at low voltages results in transfections with unsurpassed efficiency and viability. Cellaxess® ACE enables transfection of any adherent cell type and is ideal for the transfection of challenging cell types, such as primary- and IPS derived neuronal cell types.

The Cellaxess® ACE can be used in variety of cell culture formats, ranging from 96-well plates to dishes. It is also an excellent match with high-content and microscopy readouts. It is available either as a complete system including pulse generator, or as a stand-alone module which can be combined with almost any pulse generator on the market, making it a highly cost efficient solution and an easy way to assess electroporation performance for low volume electroporation.

In addition the Cellaxess® ACE has an exchangeable capillary, which ensures sterility in experiments, as well as zero risk of cross contamination. Different capillaries can be utilized to accommodate for different cell culture formats.