Product News: Fast Sample Preparation: FIB-SEM with Laser Ablation

10 Apr 2012

On show at analytica from Carl Zeiss is the new AURIGA® Laser: Large-scale material removal and far-reaching analysis: fast, flexible, integrated.

Fast. Faster. Fastest. AURIGA® Laser.
The integrated laser removes material up to 500 times faster than a plasma ion beam and up to 20,000 times faster than a gallium-ion beam.

Unique diversity in one system: Materials. Shapes. Analysis methods.
Process materials that are inaccessible by conventional preparation methods: non-conductive materials, brittle materials such as glass or ceramics, and soft materials that tend to delaminate or smear. Do analysis reaching from EDS, EBSD, STEM, WDS, to SIMS and many more.

Safe technology, consistent performance, convenient in use.
Completely integrated into the workflow, the laser removes the material outside the main vacuum chamber. Optics and detectors stay clean and there is no wear from removed material. AURIGA® Laser is a class 1 laser: suitable for industrial use, reliable and proven – no additional safety measures are needed.

To learn more visit Hall A2, booth 111/210.