Product News: Cambio Now Supplies ARTseq™ Ribosome Profiling Kits for Creating RNA Sequence Libraries

18 Feb 2013

Cambio, distributor of molecular biology reagents and consumables to scientific research laboratories within the UK, has added an innovative new product to its portfolio. ARTseq™ (Active mRNA Translation) ribosome profiling kits, produced by Epicentre, enable users to create RNA sequence libraries from ribosome-protected mRNA. This novel technique is used to investigate translational control, measure gene expression, identify translation start sites and predict protein abundance, making them ideal for use in life science laboratories.

“Ribosome Profiling is a method that uses mRNA to determine which proteins are being translated at a particular moment by focusing on the active ribosomes in a cell,” says Dr Naeem Ahmed, technical support specialist for Cambio. “The unique ARTseq™ ribosome profiling kits have been developed by Epicentre to enable researchers to concentrate on these active ribosomes, and thus to quickly and effectively locate unique translation sites and control mechanisms involved in gene expression.”

The ArtSeq™ kit is available for both yeast and mammalian samples. The procedure involves the isolation of monosomes using a rapid and simplified size-exclusion spin column method, specifically designed for purifying and separating nucleic acids or proteins. By incorporating enzymatic steps, the gel purification step is reduced. This combination of features means that use of the kit is fast, scalable, and does not require special, time-consuming equipment such as gradient stations, ultracentrifuges, or fraction collectors.

Twelve index primers are included in the ARTseq™ ribosome profiling kits for the creation of barcoded libraries. ARTseq™ kits are compatible with Illumina® Cluster kits for single read, paired-end and multiplex sequencing using the Illumina GAII, HiSeq and MiSeq sequencers.