Product News: Camargo Invests in High-Level IT System to Increase Accessibility and Preserve Client Data

14 Feb 2014

Camargo Pharmaceutical Services recently completed an extensive IT system update to offer its clients improved data availability, security, storage and redundancy. The new system is an important investment to Camargo’s infrastructure, allowing the full-service development partner to add value for its clients.

With these improvements, Camargo provides each of its national and international clients with an individual website including large-scale data storage availability, document management with version control, a superior level of security with minimal interruptions and 24/7 rapid access. The system also includes data retention and preservation for at least 20 years — exceeding the FDA’s and global regulatory agencies’ minimum data preservation requirements.

Supporting Clients from Concept Through Commercialization

“Implementing enhanced data access and storage capacity are examples of the strides Camargo is making to broaden our service line, support our clients from concept through commercialization and grow our client base internationally,” said Jim Beach, chief operating officer for Camargo. “Data and its preservation are the lifeblood of product development programs and this new system supports our critical role as stewards of our clients’ data.”