Product News: Innovative Technologies for Enzymes and GPCRs

10 Sep 2008

Caliper Life Sciences is pleased to host the Innovative Technologies for Enzymes and GPCRs Workshop at the forthcoming ELRIG Meeting. Join the workshop to find out how researchers can generate more accurate data allowing them to make better compounds and accelerate the drug discovery process.

The workshop is an ideal opportunity to find out how Caliper’s LabChip EZ Reader, ProfilerPro Plates and Substrates enable researchers to screen and determine mechanism of action for multiple target classes, determine detailed mechanism of compound action and acquire broad kinase selectivity data easily in-house within one chemistry cycle. The DiscoveRx PathHunter™ β-Arrestin Assays for GPCR studies which have been optimised for the LabChip EZ Reader will also be introduced.

Visit Booth G02-G04:H02-H04 where Caliper Life Sciences will also,

  • Introduce a new microfluidics-based separations instrument for DNA, RNA and protein samples
  • Present the EZ Reader for enzymatic assays and selectivity profiling and
  • Demonstrate the Zephyr – a compact, multi-channel liquid handler

Poster presentations by Caliper Life Sciences include

  • Automating Kinase Profiling using LabChip Technology and the ProfilerPro Kinase Selectivity Assay System and
  • Technological Advances in Evaluation of Inhibitors of Protein Kinases in vitro and In vivo

View the company article page to register for the Workshop, 10.45am, Wednesday 24th September 2008, Branksome Room 1, BIC, Bournemouth